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    Wholesale custom design glass bead:
    We make the custom glass bead with customer request design and size, each glass bead is handemade with our experienced bead worker.

    Unit Price: acccording detail bead design and size
    M.O.Q Request: 500 piece

  • Price Discount:
    -USD $500-1999 / -5%
    -OVER USD $2000 / Please contact us for detail discount!

Custom Design Bead Samples

Custom design glass beads, we request:

1. You can select your interested glass bead design from other websites or internet.
2. Please send email to us for your custom design glass bead pictures or files with PDF, JPG, GIF or other formats.
3. The custom glass bead can with your request design, size and order delivery time.
4. Our glass bead design can similar as PANDORA, CHAMILIA, TROLL BEADS, LOVELINKS etc. charm bead design.
5. Please note: we only will arrange to make custom design glass bead order based on receive order deposit.